The Gothic Times

CAPSTONE: A History of Blockbuster Performances

December 22, 2011

By Alexandra Bardinas — The Attic Ensemble has been entertaining Jersey City for Decades with incredible works of art. Most of the material performed is gritty, and as far from commercial as imaginable. Some, however, have...

CAPSTONE: Kicking’ it Toward Progress: Soccer 101

December 22, 2011

By Juan Bustos — There’s an old rugby saying about soccer and that is that soccer is gentleman’s sport played by hooligans and rugby is a hooligan sport played by gentleman. For one NJCU student soccer is a gentleman’s...

CAPSTONE: Jersey City, What Crime?

December 22, 2011

By Marisa Cannici — Exclusive prismatic street art. History in liaison with Liberty State Park. Elegantly structured architecture surrounding the waterfront. Welcome to Jersey City. Jersey City may be the second l...

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