Money Management: SGO VP of Finance Aurora Estevez

By Latifah Miles —

As the VP of Finance, Aurora is a huge part of helping the SGO and organizations on campus run smoothly. She gave us a run down of her responsibilities: “I am responsible [for] tracking and documenting all the money transactions of Student Government as a body. I am also responsible for chairing the Finance Committee Meetings which are responsible for allocating the budget of Student Government. Another of my responsibilities is to instruct the treasurers of all the different clubs to follow the Finance Policies and Procedures to their best of their ability and to be a resource to them whenever they have question on how something is performed.” Student Government Organization’s VP of Finance Aurora Estevez is majoring in Economics and plans to pursue a masters degree and doctorates degree at Columbia University.

A degree in Economics can open many doors to many successful careers. Aurora plans on following her own path to success by becoming a professor. She also wants to work in the money and financial industry to become a financial advisor to help people in need. Being a student, the VP of Finance and preparing to conquer the financial world, how does Aurora manage her time? It turns out, it’s very simple. All you need is a planner. Aurora jokingly says that she’s only used a planner for the past two years as VP of Finance and Administration and it has completely organized her schedule.

Being a member of the SGO, Aurora is serious about making NJCU an ideal institution to get an excellent education while enjoying yourself along the way. I asked Aurora, outside of tending to the financial side of the campus, what changes she would like to see happen here on campus.“I would like for students that attend this university to be comfortable and proud of choosing NJCU as the provider of their education. I will also like more students to be more involved with SGO so they can get a higher quality of education and more leadership skills.”

Although Aurora is dedicated to her position in SGO and her work as a student, she does make some time for fun. During her down time, Aurora likes to spend quality time with her friends, family and practicing her faith. She enjoys dancing and drawing. Attending a school that is close to New York where the “Occupy Wall Street” protests are going on, I asked Aurora if she had any opinion on the issue. “I do agree with some of the different ideas that are thrown out there in this protest but, I don’t agree with the mindset of the people. We’re protesting in a time of an economic crisis but when things are good and when we are being benefited with welfare, financial aid, Medicaid, Section 8, and many other different resources that the government has for us, we don’t raise up and complain that the rich are getting richer while the poor around the world get poorer.” Estevez continued, “This is an economic crisis that affects all of us, not only the poor, but not only the rich. If the idea is that the rich are greedy then we shouldn’t be greedy. I’m convinced that more than 80% of the people protesting have a cell phone that is rarely used for business; they are able to get drinks on the weekends, watch movies, have cable, eat out, etc. We need to recognize what poverty is and take a look at third world countries that are in need of a not a car like we are but food.”

Aurora is a talented student that is working to make our campus, and soon the world, a better place.