“Thor: Ragnarok”: Marvel Tries Something New With The God of Thunder


Emmanuel Lebron, Arts & Entertainment Editor

The Thor movies are no one’s favorite. I watched but couldn’t tell you what happened in the last one. “Thor: Ragnarok” even pokes fun at this with a playful, cameo filled reenactment of the end of “Thor: The Dark World,” as if to say “I don’t blame you for not watching Thor 2, this one will be better, I promise.” And for the most part it was.

The latest installment, “Thor: Ragnorok” is fun. It seems Marvel’s answer to the drab and forgettable Thor movies that came before this was to replicate the success of “Guardians of the Galaxy” as closely as possible. So, much like the “Guardians” movies, “Thor: Ragnarok” is a quirky space comedy filled with quirky space aliens being quipy. However where as “Guardians” had heart, “Thor” seems to gloss over every potentially serious moment with a joke or absurd action sequence or, even in a few instances, turning an absurd action sequence into the punchline for a joke. It also attempts to cram in as many cameo appearances as possible. Doctor Strange shows up briefly and nonsensically. The Hulk shows up mid-way and sticks around to help Thor and turn this into a team-up adventure. Jeff Goldblum appears as The Grandmaster, to serve no real relevance to the plot, just to be as neurotically and uniquely him as he could be. Overall however it’s a bright, silly, fun ride that is more than certainly going to tide fans over until “Avengers: Infintity War.”