Reboots that I am NOT excited for

Courtesy of Katie Yu/The CW

Maxine Antoine, A&E Editor

TV shows that young adults grew up with are now in danger of being ruined by TV networks in the form of reboots. Here are the three shows that have been resurrected but not for the betterment of entertainment. If you are willing to suffer through and watch these upcoming shows, remember: you were warned.

Charmed The Charmed series originally aired from 1998-2006 with eight great seasons. The supernatural fantasy series centered around three sisters who discovered the Book of Shadows in their attic one night, activating their powers unintentionally. There were many of us who were saddened by the original show ending, but seeing the three new sisters in the reboot with zero swag and spunk that the original sisters had saddened us even more. In the reboot, two sisters are surprised by a third sister they didn’t know they had. She appears on their doorstep with a photo of her with their mom and claims that as proof that they are sisters. You would think that in today’s age that they would do a DNA test. Nope. They take her word for it. Not only is the reboot a disgrace to the original show, but it lacks good casting, storyline and acting. They force diversity by making the sister who arrives at their doorstep black and the other two sisters white. Diversity can work in any show if it makes sense with the storyline, but in this show it does not. Their saving grace will probably be the CGI, but by the looks of all the comments from fans and the original stars, it doesn’t seem likely.

Bridezillas Imagine Godzilla in a miniature form – that’s Bridezillas. A reality show that displays women with monstrous personalities who always embarrass themselves, get into unhealthy marriages that we know won’t last and have the worst attitudes on the planet. Just like the original show, the only value this show has is to raise the divorce rates even higher. The only difference between the reboot and the original is that it now incorporates social media which opens a new platform for these Bridezillas to throw their tantrums on. For those of us who love drama so much, this isn’t the show to waste your brain cells on.

Fuller House How full can this house get? The show is not only a terrible replica of the original Full House, but the comedy is so forced that it is unbearable to watch. They don’t even try to make the storyline different. DJ is now Danny, Stephanie is Uncle Jesse, and DJ’s annoying friend, Kimmy Gibbler, is basically Uncle Joey. The Olsen twins made a smart move by not joining the cast for this reboot since they aren’t missing much.

Feel free to check out these top three awful reboots – I know I won’t. You will probably be in for one hell of a disappointment.