From Spain To the United States: Alejandro Ley


Photo courtesy of Alejandro Ley.

Ley during his training with the NJCU Men’s Tennis team.

Tyler Brown Jr. , Contributing Writer

Alejandro Ley is an international student from Spain who came to the United States and currently attends the university to play for the men’s tennis team. The 15-year-old freshmen skipped two grades and turns 16 next month.

Ley came to the U.S. to keep playing tennis and combine it with his studies. When asked what his goals are in the future he said, “I want to be a professional tennis player and my backup plan is to be in the computer science field.”

Ever since the age of four, Ley has been playing tennis and said his “parents watched it all the time when he was a child.” Ley also has a little sister who’s 11-years-old. His two favorite players are Nadal Federer and Roger Federer and his style of play compliments Federer.

When asked the difference between Spain and the U.S., Ley said “Spain’s weather is nice and the food is pretty good. Also, the island is small and everyone knows each other.” He has only been in the U.S. for two months and just been training and has been to New York to buy things.

Other than tennis, he did surfing and liked doing other sports and playing video games. During his transition in the United States, Ley said “I like the educational system here and the virtual classes.” He’s a hardworking student who likes competition and studies things that he likes and puts effort into it.

Only a freshman, but has the potential to be a great tennis player and have a bright future. Everyone watch out, we have a student on the rise who is driven to his goals and success.