#NJCUBB & Head Coach Jerry Smith Bring Home a Win


Kristen Hazzard, Sports Editor

Congratulations to Jerry Smith, the head coach of NJCU’s Baseball team. Smith reached a monumental moment in his coaching career on March 28. He received his 100th win when the Gothic Knights defeated the College of Staten Island.

NJCU faced College of Staten Island on March 28. The Gothic Knights received 13 hits, eight runs, and zero errors in total. Dan Foley was winning pitcher of the game. He collected three strikeouts (SO), four hits (H), and one earned run (ER). Lenin Gomez, Tom Pulcine, and Nick LoGatto were the only players who received two RBIs. LoGatto was the one of the few to collect two runs (R) and two RBIs however, LoGatto and Bill Feehan both received two hits (H). In the second inning, Gomez hit to centerfield which allowed for Mike Ramirez to score. Tied up in the bottom of the sixth at 4-4, the Gothic Knights notched three runs. Dan Berardi singled to infield and LoGatto scored, Juan Pena grounded and Feehan scored, and Gomez singled and Berardi scored. LoGatto homered which for allowed for himself and Jan Castellano to score and that brought the score to 6-4 in the seventh. Pulcine singled in the eighth which permitted Pena and Leo Colon scored. The game went on until the ninth inning. The Gothic Knights won 8-4.

The team is scheduled to play SUNY Old Westbury on March 29. Stay tuned here and on NJCU Gothic Knights for more information about NJCU Athletics.