#NJCUBB Drive in Four Epic Homeruns and Collect a Win


Kristen Hazzard, Sports Editor

NJCU Baseball challenged Drew University on April 11. The Gothic Knights had a major comeback after the team was defeated on April 10 to Fairleigh Dickerson.

The team collected nine hits, nine runs and zero errors.

Winning pitcher Anthony Carfora threw a total of 33 pitches and was in for two innings. He collected one walk, two strikeouts and one groundout.

Dan Berardi impressively opened the second with a homer to left center and Lenin Gomez followed suit and also scored a homer to center. The homers allowed the team to gain a two-point lead until the third when Drew produced a run.

In the fourth, Juan Pena homered down left field.

The Gothic Knights notched five runs in the seventh. Nick LoGatto walked which permitted Jesse Kraft to score. Jan Castellano, Tom Pulcine and LoGatto scored with the assist from Berardi, who fired another homer.

In the eighth, Kraft singled to center field and Pena scored. The run made by Pena gave the team a two-point lead and win the game 9-7.

The team is scheduled to play Ramapo College on April 12. Stay tuned here and on NJCU Gothic Knightsfor more information about NJCU Athletics.