Montclair Stonewalls #NJCUBB From a Win in NJAC Game

Kristen Hazzard, Sports Editor

NJCU Baseball challenged Montclair State University on April 20 for a New Jersey Athletic Conference matchup. The team is currently 17-12 for the overall season and 5-6 in the NJAC. The Gothic Knights couldn’t produce enough momentum to win the game. Montclair brought in a stunning 12 runs. NJCU garnered five runs, 10 hits and four errors.

Pitcher Mike Ramirez was in for five innings and threw a total of 108 pitches. He collected seven earned runs, five walks, one strikeout and 11 groundouts.

Juan Pena, Dan Berardi, Bill Feehan and Nick LoGatto were game leaders in hitting while Berardi, Ramirez, Tom Pulcine and Feehan were game leaders in fielding.

At the top of the second, Ramirez reached on a fielder’s choice and Jesse Kraft was out at second first base to shortstop which allowed Feehan to score. There were only two players left on base by the end of the inning.

LoGatto reached on an error by third base and later stole second in the fifth. Berardi singled through the left side and LoGatto scored. The Gothic Knights were unable to catch up to the Hawks by the bottom of the sixth when Montclair drove in four runs back to back.

In the seventh, Berardi returned with a single to left field which allowed LoGatto to score.

Ramirez grounded out to the pitcher in the eighth and Matt Corsi scored.

In the ninth, Berardi grounded out to third base and Pena scored the final run of the game for NJCU. The Gothic Knights loss 5-12.