#NJCUSB End the Season With a Defeat in NJAC Doubleheader


Kristen Hazzard, Sports Editor

NJCU Softball ended their season in a New Jersey Athletic Conference doubleheader against William Paterson on April 28. As the Gothic Knights close their season, the team is currently 4-30 for the overall season and 0-18 in the NJAC.

In Game 1, the team collected one run, two hits and four errors.

Christina Mezey pitched for six innings and threw a total of 110 pitches. She collected five earned runs, four walks, eight groundouts, 10 hits and seven runs.

The Pioneers drove in two runs in the bottom of the third and upheld a 7-0 shutout until the seventh.

At the top of the seventh, Gianna Benacquista cashed in the second hit with a single to left field which permitted Juliana Squeo to score the only run. NJCU had one player left on base by the end of the inning and pulled away with a loss.

In Game 2, the Gothic Knights couldn’t garner a comeback however the team collected one run, three hits and three errors. The Pioneers returned with the same game winning momentum that lead the team to a victory in game one.

Juliana Squeo ended her final season as a Gothic Knight with 106 hits, 60 runs and 29 walks.

Christina Mezey pitched for four innings and threw a total of 66 pitches. She collected seven earned runs, six groundouts, 12 hits and nine runs.

The final nail in the coffin happened when the Pioneers ripped six runs in the bottom of the fourth which allowed the team to secure their 9-0 shutout until the fifth.

Melissa Mendoza notched a single to right field at the top of the fifth. Arianna Scrimo advanced to third and scored on a throwing error by second base.