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\m/etal to the Extreme

\m/etal to the Extreme

November 28, 2011

By Edgar Rivas, Jr. — When a 13-year-old Hector Guzman listened to Pantera’s “Cowboys from Hell” for the first time, he knew he wanted to be a musician. It inspired him. Pantera was a band from Arlington, TX that was influenced by the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and Thrash Metal. Read More »...

Celebrating Italian Heritage

November 28, 2011

By Francis A. Wilson — In honor of Italian Heritage onth a few students, professors, and Italian Americans came together to celebrate their rich heritage along with their passion for memoir writing. Read More »...

A walk through the Village

November 28, 2011

By Atilla Azami — 11 A.M. November 3, the group gathered at the appointed rendezvous point in front of Grove St. Dunkin Donuts for a Campus Without Borders walking tour of Gay and Lesbian Greenwich Village, led by Dr. Tim White of our campus. Read More »...

FLEX your financial muscle

November 28, 2011

By Mack Do and Monir Khilla — The Gothic Times, along with the Financial Literacy Expert Team (FLEX), will be running a column dedicated to helping the campus community better manage their personal budgets. Read More »...

Revolutionary Gamer

Rafal Rogoza

November 8, 2011

By Rafal Rogoza Hector Reyes, 24, Biology and secondary education major from Jersey City, spends roughly 45 minutes a day glued to his computer screen. Reyes enjoys building model homes and running a few sprints on the track but there is no doubt about it, Reyes is an online gamer of a revolutionary type. An...

Time as a Constant Uncertainy

Time as a Constant Uncertainty sculpture.  Photo by Gothic Times staff

October 8, 2011

By Vanity Ciara Velazquez Most people wonder about the significance of the copper colored pole that stands before Rossey Hall. What is its purpose? “Its reaching for the sky, maybe it is a memorial for September 11,” remarked Carla Sanchez, 22, psychology major from Jersey City. “It encourag...

Granting Requests

Granting Requests

October 4, 2011

By Allison Lozada When students hear the word “grants”, they normally think of government monies or loans they have applied for and received for their schooling. Here at NJCU, grants have emerged as a critical funding stream that has enabled the university to achieve its transformation as an excelle...

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